MY_investment_optionsIn My Investment Options, you’ll learn about the local providers who offer the investment fund options for the plan, what your investment fund options are, how those investment funds are performing, fees that you pay when you invest and factors to consider in determining the right investment mix for you.






Comparing Local Providers

When you enroll in MaineSaves, one of the first things you’ll do is choose a local provider so you can decide where to invest your savings. There are three local providers for the plan⎯MassMutual, VALIC, and Voya (formerly known as ING)⎯but you can invest with only one local provider at a time. How do you know which one to choose? Here are four factors to consider.


1. Fund Options

Each of the local providers offers a variety of investment fund options to meet your needs. If the local provider is offering an option that you like, take that into consideration. See the Investment Fund Option List to view each local provider’s investment fund offerings. For more detail about any of the funds, see the Fund Fact Sheets or the fund prospectuses (available on the local provider website). View the Fund Performance Chart to see a summary of past performance for all the fund options.

2. Fees

All of the local providers charge fees to manage your investments and administer the plan. Fees can reduce the return on your investment over time. They can also vary widely from one investment to another. So it’s a good idea to understand how much you’re paying in fees when you choose to invest in any fund. See Understanding Fee Charges to learn more about the fees you pay and how they’re determined. View the Fund Performance Chart to see the actual amount you pay for each fund.

3. Services

Each local provider offers certain services to the plan. For example, each local provider has local representatives who are available to help you enroll in the plan and answer your questions about participating in the plan. These local representatives may also visit State locations from time to time to hold live meetings about the plan. Each local provider also has a website where you can see the actual performance of your individual account, perform account transactions (such as changing your investment options) and make use of education and tools to help you use the plan to your best advantage. So look through the websites to see which you find most helpful:

4. Fixed Account Fund Returns

The Fixed Account is a conservative fund that guarantees a certain return on your investment, much like a bank account. Each local provider offers one. If the Fixed Account will be one of your investment choices, you should compare the rates from each of the local providers, as shown on the Fund Performance Chart.

What Are My Investment Options?

The MaineSaves investment fund lineup includes seven broad asset categories so you can find funds that meet your needs:

  • Capital Preservation Funds
  • Bond Funds
  • Balanced Funds
  • U.S. Large Cap Stock Funds
  • U.S. Mid-Cap Stock Funds
  • U.S. Small Cap Stock Funds
  • Global/International Stock Funds

For more information about the asset categories, view Investment Fund Asset Categories.


Investment Fund Option List

View the current list of funds in order of risk, from lowest to highest. Each provider offers at least 17 funds across the plan’s seven broad asset categories. Each provider picked its own fund line-up, though there is some overlap. Note: You can change providers at any time, but you can invest with only one provider at a time so make sure you are comfortable with the options your provider offers.

Fund Fact Sheets

Each Fund Fact Sheet provides a concise summary of a fund’s investment objective and strategy, principal risks, performance history, and fees. You can review the latest fact sheets for each investment option in the plan, organized by provider:

To learn more about each fund, read the prospectus (available on the provider’s website). You can also review the performance and fees associated with each fund under Fund Performance.

Fund Performance

View the Fund Performance Charts, which show the investment options’ rates of return for these timeframes: end of the last calendar quarter, year-to-date, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. The charts are organized by provider.

The Fund Performance Chart also shows the fees associated with investing in each option. Need help reviewing the Fund Performance Chart? Review our Terms to Know.

The Advisory Council that governs MaineSaves meets periodically during the year to review fund performance and plan operations. If you would like a copy of the most recent meeting materials, please contact the Department of Employee Health & Benefits.

Understanding Fee Charges

As you choose your investment fund options, don’t forget to consider how much you’re paying in fees. Over time, even small differences in fees can substantially reduce the growth of your retirement savings.