While no two people’s stories are the same, there is one thing many of us share: having a vision for the future. To help you prepare for the future you want, the Office of Employee Health and Benefits is inviting you to attend a lunchtime meeting about MaineSaves, the State’s voluntary retirement savings plan.

MaineSaves is like a 401(k) plan, but for government employees. With this plan, you can build savings to supplement the benefits you’ll receive from Maine’s pension plan. In just a few minutes, you can make some decisions that could really impact your life for the better. Future You will thank you.

Choose a live meeting near you or participate in an online seminar (webinar) from any location. Both are available with each of the plan’s three providers: MassMutual, VALIC and Voya.


What the Meetings Cover

• Learn how MaineSaves works and the advantages of participating
• Review what to consider when enrolling
• Get answers to common questions about the plan, and
• Enroll in MaineSaves in 10 minutes.


When and Where

Dates: October 16 through November 8, 2018
Times: Live meetings are held at 11, 12, and 1 each day – register for the time that works best for you. Webinars begin at 12.
Locations: Augusta, Bangor, Portland, Caribou and Presque Isle or participate online from anywhere (see Location Details for more information)
Meeting Length: Live meetings will last about 30 minutes. Feel free to bring your lunch. Newcomers and current plan participants are all welcome.



Are you a current plan participant?
The registration system will show which provider (MassMutual, VALIC or Voya) is conducting each meeting. You’ll want to attend a meeting with your provider if you have questions about your account or your investments. If you’re unsure which provider you’re using, just check your paystub. You can see the provider on your paystub beside your contributions.


Location Details

MaineSaves Employee Meeting Schedule

Address Room Presenter
396 Griffin Road
Bangor, ME 04401
October 16 – Conference Room
October 17 – Conference Room
October 19 – Client Activity Room
Burton Cross Building
111 Sewall Street
Augusta, ME 04330
October 23 – Room 400*
October 24 – Room 400*
October 26 – Room 400*
151 Jetport Blvd
Portland, ME 04102
October 29 – Room 215
October 30 – Room 215
November 1 – Room 215
30 Skyway Dr
Caribou, ME 04738
November 5 – Conference Room A
November 6 – Conference Room A
Presque Isle
Region Office
41 Rice St
Presque Isle, ME 04740
November 7 – Conference Room
November 8 – Conference Room
Can’t make it to a live meeting?
Dial in from your desk or your home to watch,
listen and ask questions online.
October 22
October 25
November 5

* Please note, in Augusta, the 4th floor of the Cross Building is a fragrance-free area due to the significant chemical sensitivities of some employees. While attending the session, presenters and attendees should refrain from wearing anything with fragrance such as perfume, cologne, after-shave, scented body lotion, and hand cream. We also ask you to avoid eating strong-smelling foods like fresh-popped popcorn or heated fish.