While no two people’s stories are the same, there is one thing many of us share: having a vision for the future. To help you prepare for the future you want, the Office of Employee Health and Benefits held lunchtime meeting about MaineSaves, the State’s voluntary retirement savings plan.

MaineSaves is like a 401(k) plan, but for government employees. With this plan, you can build savings to supplement the benefits you’ll receive from Maine’s pension plan.

In case you didn’t get to attend a meeting or webinar, here’s a recording. Take a look. In just a few minutes, you can make some decisions that could really impact your life for the better. Future You will thank you.


What the Presentation Covers

• Learn how MaineSaves works and the advantages of participating
• Review what to consider when enrolling, and
• Get answers to common questions about the plan.



Here are some of the questions and answers that came up during the meetings.